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Planners & Workbooks

The Business Credit Workbook: The secret behind business credit success - a getting started guide (New Edition)

This workbook contains worksheets to help you organized and up-to-date finances are essential if you want to increase your chances of getting approved. If you want to increase your chances of getting approved for your business loans, you need to take action on building your business credit first. Our workbook contains worksheets to help you organized and it’s easier for you to keep accurate on your business records.

Customer Review:

“I love this book! Kudos to the authors.

This book gives you step by step instructions on how to start, build, or establish your business credit.
It’s easy to follow… You don’t have to second guess it because everything is laid out for you in “plain sight”

Get this book, and build your business credit!
This is a great buy, you will not be disappointed.”

Tiffony W. 


My Vision Journal Paperback

The My Vision Journal is an undated daily journal and tracker that will help you put an end to overwhelm and stress so you can easily pave the way toward an unstoppable life. Inside this journal, you’ll be invited to cultivate more magic, resilience, and productivity to your days by creating an intentional daily writing routine. Completing the daily pages will guide you to focus on your self-care and truly make it a priority. You will be encouraged to reflect on your dreams, set intentions, and create inspired goals. You will enjoy reading some motivational qoutes and view our art canvas.

Entrepreneurs Journal

This journal is record of your business goal progress and can allow you to remember the reasons behind your decision-making for those all-important business events. This will help you manage and get things done according to your business plans. Customized for busy entrepreneurs! 

Planner 2022-2023

This planner gives you the tools to make your day

 productive and to walk every day in line with your goals. It

 gives you the steps along with a simple system for putting

 those steps into action. It will be your best tool for

 organizing your thoughts, goals, plans and schedules.