Clarity Consulting Package

Clarity Consulting Package

Clarity Consulting Package

We help aspiring entrepreneurs create a solid business framework and growth strategy to increase your income and revenue streams.


Do you want to get clear in your business?  Our clarity sessions will help you define your vision and set clear business goals that will help you to walk in your purpose.  These sessions are designed for those who are seeking to start a business or have a small business and need direction.

This package includes 4 – 1 hour sessions with the Reno Girls. During our sessions we will focus on the following:

Session One

We will assess where you are right now in your business and formulate a vison of where you want your future boss self to be. We will also work on your mindset to help uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits and patterns of thinking that prevent you from living your best life and creating the business you desire.

Session Two

Formulate a business strategy that is designed to help you get clear on what to do first and how to get started by reviewing business your business goals or business set to ensure that all of the fundamentals are covered and that your business is set up for optimum success.

Session Three

Help you identify and hone in on who your ideal client is. This is an in depth effort to define the best and most profitable prospects for your business so that you are marketing to customers that are actually interested in your products or service.

Session Four

Help you develop a solid marketing strategy to include a value proposition and key brand messaging that will turn prospects into paying customers of your products or services.

One on One Clarity Consulting Package $697

We look forward to speaking with you and discovering “Where Your Profits Live”